Education is the KEY

I would say, EDUCATION is the most important problem in our country. And I don't just mean high school and college. I am talking about being educated to the ways of our world. How does it work and where can you fit in it? If people were smarter and understood our society and our economy better, we'd be in a much better place.

I put the problem of the housing crisis in the hands of society. I blame the home buyers for not being educated enough to understand their adjustable rate loans. I blame the professionals within the Real Estate and Lending industry who practiced without ethics and did not protect the public by not disclosing information about the realities of the housing market to consumers.

I put the problem of our government in the hands of society for not being more involved with and educated about our government. Even now, no one is looking back at what kind of laws were passed and by whom that landed us where we are now. The media is not helping us understand how America got where it is today during Bush's term. The media is not helping us find solutions.

I put the problem of the war in the hands of society and our general population for not really understanding the war, why we started it and with whom we are fighting. Why isn't the media helping us understand it? What can we do to support it, or support ending it successfully? If we are proceeding with the war the wrong way, what are we doing wrong and who is leading us in the wrong direction?

If society was a little more educated, we could focus on real issues with specific examples instead of caring about the jabs and insults back and forth between each party. I am tired of polls as to who is in the lead. I want to know who has the best solutions for fixing our society.

With an already shaky economy, McCain and Palin want to shake things up. Is that what we really want? We need to stop corruption from continuing to bleed America dry. And the fact that they are running such a STRATEGIC campaign bothers me. Focusing on strategy instead of the issues makes me feel like McCain and Palin don't have answers for our failing economy. At least Obama can admit something is wrong and wants to fix it.

Some ideas...


People are scared of nationalizing healthcare because it might degrade the quality of it. I have heard people who are well-to-do worry about their service suffering and do not want to sacrifice the quality of their service for poor people. I understand how some can feel that way, but if we focused on getting healthcare for everyone, that means we need more nurses, more doctors, more administration to organize and regulate the healthcare process, more buildings, more supplies, more medicine and more education which in turn translates to a lot more jobs. This can help everyone! More money pumped back into out society. More opportunity for people to work for their economic security. And people can get the care they need.


Illegal immigrants and the rise of our crime in certain areas is a major concern for many. But I do not think we need to fight the immigration. We need to focus on making the process to become a citizen more efficient. The more people we have in America means, more people to buy your product and services to support your business. It means more jobs for law to enforce the laws of our lands. It means more educational opportunities and jobs to help newcomers understand American and where they fit into it as new citizens who will experience freedom in its truest form. America grows as its populations grows. This is a good thing if it is done correctly. People can see their business grow.


It is obvious that we need to get away from our dependence of oil. The fear of giving up oil is we would lose a lot of jobs behind the industries that rely on oil. I am talking about a bigger picture outside of gas for our cars. For all the money that is being made by these oil companies, why aren't they developing alternative energy solutions for America so they can continue to make money by diversifying their products instead of just making money on oil. Imagine how many jobs you can create and how much money can be made if Exxon started putting solar panels on every home and business building in America? How many jobs will be created by incorporating hydrogen cars into society? You need more mechanics who know how to work on these cars. You need gas stations retrofitted with hydrogen pumps and construction workers to do it. You need new plants and plant workers to make these cars. This can save people money by switching to cheaper energy than oil as well as give Americans futures with new careers. People can get cheaper and energy and maybe a new job.

War and our Military

I wanted to get into the Air Force. But my Father, who put in more than 20 years, saw that the benefits were nothing like they used to be when he first joined and warned me that it wasn't worth risking my life in war for the pay and little benefits they provide. I don't think going to war was the best idea for protecting the US. Maybe if we went after the right people instead of spending billions of dollars going in the wrong direction it would have been a great idea, but it would have been a lot cheaper and maybe more effective to beef up our military here on or soils and then concentrate them at out coasts and borders and airports? People can get the protection they need on our soil as well as help in areas hit by natural disasters from the military while people who serve get much needed pay and benefits.

Our Government

And are you telling me, that with today's technology, we cannot come up with an easier way to educate the public to what our government is doing? Why isn't there a site that helps organize the events of the day and keep a record of them so people can understand what is happening with their tax dollars so they can make informed decisions about who we want in office on a local and national level? I would love to know what my tax dollars were spent on locally and nationally. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a President that has his or her own TV show that comes on once a week where he or she talks about the important events and progress made that week by our government and our society?

-OMINOUS RED original written during the 2008 Presidential Campaign