Spreading The Wealth

This was a video I had up on youtube.

We went nuts because we were very excited to witness history being made. I honestly didn't think he would win so I was kinda in shock. I might put it back up eventually but out of respect for the people in the video I took it down to respect their privacy.

I took it down because 95% of the comments were positive. But there was that 5% that was very negative. I have never see so many people who wanted their leader to fail. I get it... you don't like Obama. You're not racist. You just don't like what he stands for. But then if I ask you what he stands for, you just give me a bunch of sound bites that you were force feed from Fox and you memorized them. And to be fair, I just quote a bunch of stuff back that I got off CNN. Then I ask you what do you want from your President? Then tell me Obama doesn't represent that. Tell me that this isn't one of the smartest men to ever lead our country.

And I hope he does well. And exceeds expectations. For our sake. For this country.

Because if he doesn't... well, I don't even want to talk about that.

Anyway... here was a response I dropped in a forum somewhere. I realized no one reads these longs posts so I stopped participating in the online Dems VS Rep games.

::: Spreading The Wealth :::

American's don't have money because they have been laid off, denied a raise or outsourced, they cannot pay the bad mortgage deals they have signed up for.

You notice who gets nasty? It's always Republicans. You know why? Because Republicans are the PIRATES.

Let me explain.

There is another post on this site about the financial crisis. Says this melt down was caused by pirates. But it doesn't say who the pirates are. Look at Conservative Beliefs outside of Religion. They always say, pick yourself up by your own boot straps. Have self accountability and work hard and earn your keep. It is not my job to take care of you. So they do not like the idea of welfare. They do not like Affirmative action. And I agree with that. They do not want big government coming in and telling you what to do with your money. And I agree with that. Put a salary cap on a CEO, that's crazy. If I am ever a CEO, I don't want the government putting a cap on my salary.

But....... if I get a portion of my salary from stock options. And I lay off 25% of the working American Staff to help my overhead cost look good to improve stock prices. Then sell all my stock and watch the company tank because I laid everyone off while I count my 200 million I just made by laying off Americans. Guess what? I am a Republican Pirate.

This is why I understand the idea of SPREADING WEALTH.

If I sell hot dogs and I make a million a year. Fair exchange. I buy my buns from an American baker. I buy my hot dogs from an American butcher. I make American money and I pump it back into the economy by buying other American products and paying my taxes for the right to make a million dollars on American soil. But if I abused Americans to make my money... I think I owe America. I think I need to pay a higher tax. The wealth needs to be spread.

Do any of you RIGHT WINGED Republicans understand that companies get tax cuts for outsourcing American jobs? This is abuse in its worst form. This is the kind of stuff Bush and McCain have been growing in our government for years. What the hell do you think the words "Deregulate" mean? It means I don't want big government stepping in and policing this abuse.

Republicans have been abusing America for years now. Who do you think has been getting out of hand for the last 8 years? I mean, even Glenn Beck and Bill O. are talking about how bad Republicans have been. Glenn Beck has been talking about how Obama is gonna make this a Socialist country and look at what is happening before Obama has even had any kind of political power outside of voting. Government is having to step in because of greed and abuse of power.

McCain is a good leader, but you know why his chances are shot? Because Republicans are tired of Republicans. Who do you think is in bed with these corporations and these oil companies... literally. When the corruption witch hunt starts going into full gear, you will see a bunch of Republicans pop up.

But wait....

Don't think I don't see a bunch of dirty Democrats. You see... here is why republicans really hate Democrats now. Dems blew it for everybody by basically doing the same thing Republicans have been doing in the private sector. But the Dems messed up because they did it in the residential sector. Abusing Americans through mortgages. See, you can lay off Americans and people wont really notice it. Your company can have record profits and you don't give out raises or Christmas bonuses and no one notices. You can cook the books and sell all your stock and sink the company, and no one notices. But as soon as you sign people up on a bunch of adjustable rate loans and try to completely rape people with bad mortgage deals, EVERYBODY notices it. You know why? Because everyone is starting to understand what is happening to us. Like John McCain says.... people are mad. People are mad because Republicans have deregulated the private sector allowing businesses to abuse Americans. And since American's don't have money because they have been laid off, denied a raise or outsourced, they cannot pay the bad mortgage deals they have signed up for. This is effecting everyone's pocketbook directly and indirectly.

Your neighbor loses his job. You don't care. But then, his house forecloses. Now you care. Because the value of your house just dropped and you lost money in the form of equity. This is happening on an unprecedented scale. Everyone is being effected. All of us on this comment thread is getting effected by this.

And people like CFE, and Evil Pundit, they show how ignorant to the bigger picture they are when they hang on to things like ACORN and the Abortion issue. And I don't mean ignorant in an insulting way. I mean in in the sense that you just don't see the whole thing.

Look, Voter Fraud is a big deal. And so is Abortion. So it is very fair to bring them up. But be sensible about it.

Listen to yourself and look at your own postings. Do you seriously think someone writes Mickey Mouse on a voter form and really thinks it is going to count for a vote? You are so ignorant, that all you see is ACORN, but you don't hear about the people who get turned away for being black. Nooooo.... you don't want to talk about that. You want to talk about Obama rigging elections with voter registrations under names like Dallas Cowboys. Really? You just watch Fox News and then run a mile with it. And you think Obama is the leader of ACORN like McCain doesn't have anything to do with them? Do you know how many people are linked to ACORN outside of Obama?

I just hope people can put in some effort and learn what is really happening in America instead of just copying crap they got off the internet and pasting it in comment sections.

So vote for McCain and keep Obama out of office. You will save a bunch of babies' lives by banning abortion and taking away Women's rights. In the mean time, corrupt politicians wage wars we cannot afford and allow these oil companies and other private sector businesses continue to abuse Americans.

This is not about Dems VS Republicans.

This is Rich VS Poor.


shonsteez said...

This was a good day.

Ominous Red said...

Yeah man. I hate that I had to take the video down.