Producer: Digga

::: Six Figgas :::

He produced one of my favorite tracks of all time. CamRon's "Let Me Know". When my car got broke into, the stole the CD player and this was the disc in there. Which is funny because I wasn't ill about them breaking into my whip so much as I was ill about them stealing my CDs.

See what he does on his page? Lists his production credits. Why doesn't everyone do this? All that is missing is making them live links to the iTunes store so you can hear the tracks and buy them if you like them.

Children Of The Corn
"Children Of The Corn" The Collector's Edition

"357", "Pull It","Confession","Death","Wrong Ones","F%ck You", "D Rugs",Who's Nice", "Let Me Know","Losing Weight","Come and Kill Me",What Do I Have To Live For", Where The F%ck U At","Double Up", "Do It Again", "Violence", "Where I'm From", "Whatever"

"50 Cent"
"Many Men"

"Dopeman", "What They Gonna Do pt 2"

"Jennifer Lopez"
"Open Off My Love"

"Ghostface" "GoodTimes"

"Young Gunz"
"Can't Stop,Won't Stop"

"Unconditional Love", "Clubbin"

"Camp Lo"
"Somethong 4 Nothing"

"Funkmaster Flex"
"Deadman Walking"

"Rush Hour Soundtrack"
"N.B.C" featuring CamRon,NORE,Charli Baltimore

"Streets Iz Watchin"
"Doe" featuring Diamonds In Da Ruff

"Lil Cease"
"Mr. Nasty"

"Memphis Bleek"
"Hood Music"

"History Of Violence Soundtrack Score"
"Club Hoppin" featuring Digga and Blinky Blink

"Caught Up"

"VS (UK)"
"Don't I Treat You Good

"Get Gully"

"Disturbing Tha Peace"
"Can't Be Stopped(I Know)" featuring I-20

"Dukedagod Presents More Than Music Vol 1"
"Bloodshed Interlude"

"Violator The Album"
"What My Niggaz Want" featuring CamRon & Busta Rhymes

"Digga Mixtapes"
"Digga Did It", "Hood Idols Series1", "Hood Idols Series2"


shonsteez said...

Hey he did "D Rugs"! I loved that joint. Matter fact that entire Cam album was really the only album i truly liked. Nice post Om.

Jason@PSB said...

Let Me Know = CLASSIC

duh duh duh duh! I think of that song every time I'm watchin' Monday Night Football!

Ominous Red said...

Yeah.... this dude has a dope resume.