My First No Show

To get things done, and to make some progress, I tend to commit myself to things in order to motivate myself to get them done. But time and time again I fail to meet my deadlines. I just cannot force or formulate creativity. If I do, I sacrifice quality. It doesn't feel right to rush music. But when you spend a year trying to finish a project and you haven't finished on, but instead started 29 others, you have to do something to get yourself moving.

So anyway.

I booked a show in Tempe, Arizona. I spent about 200 bucks in promotion. I made a bunch of promo discs and sent them out to about 10 different place including record stores and clothing stores. I hit up a bunch of places right on Mill Ave. because that's where the venue was. I put a lot of work into promoting too. I made custom labels as well as custom covers for the CDs but execute correctly so I have no idea how effective this marketing plan was.

But, at the last minute, I pulled out of the show because I knew it wasn't going to be as good as I wanted it to be.

I really regret not going because I did not want to start off my career by not making it to the first show I booked but there were a lot of factors that played into why I didn't want this particular show to be my first show. What I would have regretted more is showing up and not being able to perform the songs I wanted to perform. I got time and there is a spot out here in TN I am looking into trying to book for my first show.

This bottom pic is one of the packages that came back because that particular business was no longer there. That wasn't very smart of me...


shonsteez said...

Its all good man, you'll be performing in no time!
If you got any of those promo CDs left can u hit me with one?

Ominous Red said...

All it was, was a beat sampler with some remixes it on there. Nothing that you can't download from my site. But I think my album will be done by Jan 15th.