Grill Mastery

Growing up watching my Dad, you thought I would have learned some skills on the grill. And my first job was at KFC so I thought I knew at least the basics of grilling, but honestly, I can't even get a decent fire going. Last time I tried to grill at my Dad's house, I used the whole bag of charcoal. It wouldn't light so I went to buy some lighter fluid because my Dad doesn't keep any around the house. Guess why? Because real mean don't need lighter fluid, that's why. So as I pull back up to the house, my Dad is arriving at the same time. As soon as he sees me with the lighter fluid he just laughs and says "you don't know what you are doing." No matter how grown you get, nothing feels worse than your Dad having to school you on something you know you should know.

It turns out, too many coals burns all the oxygen in the grill and the fire never gets hot enough.

Thank you Dad.

So my Father In Law is a grill master. As you can see by the pics above, he has like 4 grills in the back yard. And he has a perfect process. He doesn't mess around and experiment because after 50 plus years of grilling experience, he pretty much has it on lock. It's probably a good thing I don't know how to grill like this because I would probably die around 33 from high blood pressure.

I'd like to take a moment to apologize to all the vegetarians I may have just offended.


shonsteez said...

Ahhh yeah, thats my shit right there, im a big grill head...the setup in the pics looks dope! Coal is really the best way to Q IMO....I have a gas grill now for convenience, but its just not the same plus u cant indirect cook on it which is the bomb for beercan chicken and turkeys....

Nice post dude.

Ominous Red said...

@ shonsteez

Yeah man. I miss my grill. Since we moved into an apartment in TN I can't grill like I used to back at my house in AZ. I had a gas grill too. I haven't tried the beer chicken yet but I have had some and it is delish for sure.

One day I'll have to sneek out to Cali so we can drink beer and grill all day....

shonsteez said...

No doubt man, that would be dope.
Sip Crown Royal on the rocks, make a couple beats, BBQ a shit load of meat, and let the wives talk about whatever it is they talk about! haha

Jason@PSB said...

What's that piece of meat? Is that a shoulder??? Indirect heat, a roast, some pork ribs, a few hours later, it's on... I hate winter.