I understand if you don't agree with Obama. I understand you don't agree with McCain. I understand if you love Palin. I understand if you think Biden is awesome.

What I don't understand is basing your feelings and beliefs on a rain drop's worth of information.

If someone says, Kobe is better than Jordan, cool. Explain that to me. If you hit me with some facts to support your idea, cool. But if you are basing that on watching 10 Kobe Bryant games and knowing that he scored more than 80 points in one game, then you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Same thing with these politics.

I keep hearing some of the most ignorant things coming out of people's mouths. For example. Obama is a Socialist. Most of the people who say that don't even know what a socialist is and why it is bad. Because if they did, they would realize that we are already moving that way and Obama didn't have sh*t to do with it.

Let me break it down for you..

I worked for a company for 10 years. In that time, I got about 2 to 3 Christmas bonuses. Here is why that is bad. The company made record profits every year. But because they did not hit their "goals" they found that enough reason to deny us a bonus. So even though we helped make the company a bunch of money, record amounts, they decided not to pay us for our hard work. In the mean time, CEO's and executive position holders got paid.

It gets better...

One day, they decide to lay us off. Which I understand. If you are running a business and you need to cut your staff because your business is suffering, I know I would do it. If I have a small bakery and I have 3 employees and I am not making any money, then yeah, I need to lay off one or two bakers. But if I am making millions or billions of dollars a year and to help improve my profit margin I decide to lay off Americans and replace their jobs with Foreign workers.... that is the most Anti-American thing I think you can do.

For me, this election is more than about feelings. It is bigger than a black man in office. It is bigger than the first female Vice President. It is bigger than abortion. It is bigger than war. It is bigger than Republicans or Democrats.

It is about putting America first. It is about fixing our culture and helping each other instead of ripping each other off just to make money.


shonsteez said...

Awesome post man, i really feel the same way. Glad to know a few good people with their head on straight even if its not in person.

Ominous Red said...

Thanks for taking the time and reading it. I wish I didn't have to know things like this and formulate opinions and perspectives like this but the world is cold brotha.

We level headed people gots to stick together.

Andy Domonkos said...

Nice post man. Yeah the socialist thing is a bit silly, half the country is throwing around words without a clue of what they mean. Theres so much bs on the political landscape its enough to make you give up on humanity entirely. Check out Ron Paul on youtube. His ideas vary from, pardoning all criminals from non-violent drug crimes, ending both wars, getting rid of the IRS and other useless intitutions. Hes gaining momentum but the african american voter base is barely aware of him, which they should be.

Cool blog- mines http://kamikazeearth.blogspot.com/

Ominous Red said...

Nice! Thanks for reading this post. I checked out your blog. Looks like I need to spend a whole day reading it. Very interesting posts.