Meeting Famous People #1

Awesome... meeting famous people is funny.

Sometime in August, on a weekend, I was walking around this outdoor mall here in Nashville. I was really hung over so I wasn't sure if it was him or not. So my buddy and I walk over to this organic body products shop and guess who I run into?

Shawn Wayans.

He then proceeded to roast me in front of everyone.

Ominous: Sup bro? I just wanted to say what's up. I wasn't sure if that was you or not. I am a little faded.

Wayans: Damn... niggas get drunk this early in the day out here?

Ominous: *Laughs and walks away after getting some dap*

Wayans: I know what's wrong with you. You high as hell. Niggas in here buying organic weed. I ain't Marlon muthaphuka...

Ominous: *Walks out the store slightly annoyed*