Mix Torrents

::: Nothing is Safe :::
Cleverwon pass this to the rest fellas over at iLLmuzik. Thought I'd share. I'm on the fence about blog sites that pass audio around. It takes money from the artist and not just the artist but the whole machine and industry behind the artists. I'm talking jobs and opportunities. I guess when you are young that kind of stuff doesn't matter to you. I know it didn't to me. But as you get older and you start understanding the effects of stealing it gets hard to participate.

I had a buddy that used to copy DVDs. Just to have in his collection. He couldn't afford the whole box sets. I mean who can? But after he got a decent collection going, his conscience caught up with him. The collapse of the record industry doesn't just man the rich stop getting richer, there were middle class and poor people effected in the process. Street teams, stores and administration. Then you have all the other industries that spin off of music. Designers, sales, managers, assistants and the list goes on.

But the cool thing about these kind of sites is, you get music you would otherwise not get. I downloaded a bunch of Primo stuff I never even heard of.