Volume 4

::: Volume 4 :::

Ominous 060 ::: 060
A familiar break. Probably most recognized as a Dr. Dre classic. I just played with it to see what I could come up with.

Ominous 059 ::: 059
This is my Robocop flip. This came out way better than my Conan flips. I was having a hard time with this flip at first but I eventually squeezed something out of it. One of my favorite flips so far. I probably should have tried to use it for a remix... but I got lazy.

Ominous 058 ::: 058
I did this beat when I first started trying to mess around with the synths in Reason. I also was trying to apply some of their tutorial stuff to some actually beats. That stutter effect was one of the little tricks they show you.

Ominous 057 ::: 057
Another beat I probably should have used for a remix. But this beat is old as hell and I just needed to move past it. I have a lot of acapellas but I couldn't see anything I thought this might line up. I was gonna use the Big Pun and Fat Joe Deep Cover vocals I had to freak this beat but I had a hard time getting the tempos to match up right.

Ominous 056 ::: 056
Same thing as beat 60. I just tried to take a flip that someone else used, the RZA, and flip a different kind of beat out of it. My drums are kinda weak. That kick was more like a toe tap.

Ominous 055 ::: 055a ::: 055b
Version A is the very FIRST beat I ever did. Seriously. Looking back at the program file, I couldn't even really figure out how I created it in Reason knowing what I know now. Version B was me spending about 20 minutes trying to generate a different beat using the same sound bank and synths. What I was gonna do was put a different movie or TV show quote in front of all my beats but I thought people would find that annoying. But David Allan Grier is the fukn man.

Ominous 054 ::: 054
Just another flip. I think this was some more taste of Honey but I ain't sure. Can't remember.

Ominous 053 ::: 053
I went through this faze where I was trying to flip a bunch of 80's stuff. Didn't go too well. The Conan beat started it. I ended trying to do a Tina Turner and a Billy Ocean flip. Those are floating around here somewhere. I still got more I am going to try. Some more TV show theme song flips.

Ominous 052 ::: 052 ::: King Mez Remix
My boy Dave, who is a 70's Classic Rock DJ, always schools me on the music. Always telling me what "real music" is. Most of the time I am in agreement. I ended up flipping so of what he gave me. He also converted me into a Dave Fogelberg fan. But I keep that in the closet. But on th ereal... that dude could write his ass off. Great music. Then the KING flipped it. Visit his page to hear the whole version.

Ominous 051 ::: 051
Something that bothers me is how a lot of movies will straight up refer to black people as niggers. It is not the presense of the word but it's use. Godfather was one of my favorite movies but I was really moved by that line about how niggers have to soul so let them do drugs. That shit fuct me up. And then all these motherfukers run around idolizing Italian Mafias.... never realizing that these same people who they idolize think nothing of them.

Ominous 050 ::: A ::: B ::: C ::: D ::: E ::: F
More of that damn Conan crap. But version C is not a Conan flip. That was just some violin loops I had laying around.

Ominous 049 ::: 049
This was from an Illmuzik sample flip contest.

Ominous 048 ::: 048
The beat is kinda busy but I liked it. I was trying different things in reaosn plugging different cables into different ports and stuff and ended up with this.

Ominous 047 ::: 047a ::: 047b
I think this was a Beat Meet flip. Where they give you a sound bank and you make a beat out of their samples. I can't remember.

Ominous 046 ::: 046
Another Beat Meet flip.

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ItsYaBoy said...
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Jason@PSB said...

I downloaded vol 4, and honestly wasn't feelin it. Going back and reading your observations, I realize a lot of these are experiments and older beats. Makes sense. I like the multiple takes. It's a little too choppy for me. Which is funny, because I love chops, both the sample and pork variety.

I'm off the next couple days and have some good driving to do, so I'm dl-ing and burning the other 3 volumes. I'm anxious to hear these. I'll let you know what I think.

How you been man? How's the album coming? If you need some more sounds for editing, I got this great kid's records with some killer Premo edit kind of sounds, the blips and boops and fx. That is if you want to stray from your Wu-esqe kung fu sounds.

Ominous Red said...

Yeah, Volume 4 was a mix of new and old stuff. And one thing I noticed was that I chopped the hell out of things and it was over kill. Sometimes I have a hard time just sampling a 2 bar loop and not doing anything to it. I feel like it is cheating if you don't try to rearrange it. So I ended up with a bunch of weird sounding stuff and I chop things that don't really need to be chopped. Some of my boys make some sick ass beats but they literally just take a sick drum pattern and then find a loop to put on top of it. I just feel like that is cheating sometimes. But then I watch a movie about diggin and for them it is all about finding sick breaks and they take great pride in just finding something no one has freaked yet.

I have to go out of town for 2 months so that kind of put a hitch in things, but I am going to have a great recording space all to myself this June and I should finish off my album then. I am also in the middle of a lot of mastering and sound engineering studies right now. I want to learn as much as I can and apply it on the final product. So even though I am behind, I am happy about how things are going right now.

I don't want to be a bother but I would def like those kid album sounds just for remixes and beats in general. I love throwing in weird sounds here and there.

You working on anything right now?

Jason@PSB said...

What am I working on anything? Went and volunteered at a golder retriever rescue this afternoon. I'm gonna play some golf tomorrow. I work a lot, too much maybe, assistant manager of a 87 million dollar retail store; you can guess who. Then it's hard to divide my off time between everything else: family, blogging, music, golf, etc. It sucks. I need a vacation, LOL. :)

I will definitely send those sounds your way.

I hear you on the chopping shii too much. I was way into chops and scared of loops, then I went through a lazy loop period when I chopped next to nothing. Now it just depends how I feel when I sit down at the MPC. Now I just need a space. I'm envious of your space. Take advantage of it. Don't think too much though when you sit down to finish it, or else you will never finish it.

Ominous Red said...

Hahahaha. Yeah man, golf will def eat up that time. I just started playing. I had my first 18 last weekend in ATL. I par'd on one hole but everything else was slices and fades. I am getting lessons right now.

I am going through a huge digging phaze right now. I haven't even made a beat in about a week. I am missing out on all kinds of contests and stuff. I am looking for inspiration and sounds and I have a decent collection of diggs so far. So hopefully I can bang out some nice ones in the next 2 months.