My initial angle in this biz was to be behind the scene writing in producing. A good resource for that was PMP. This is a screen shot of a new feature they have up where you can see some dope stats regarding your page traffic. Lets you know if anyone is checking you out.

I think this is dope.

Give you an idea of what kind of looks you are getting and when you are getting them. So you can tell if certain things your are doing are getting you noticed. For example, this page is not posted on my myspace page as of this date, but it is on my website. so I can tell if people are visiting my website which is leading them here. But it still is a guess because sometimes, people stumble upon my page from with PMP itself. And maybe that will lead them to me site. You dig?

My subscription runs out this November. I don't know if I will renew it because I haven't had one successful placement through it yet. That might be a sign that my work is no good but I think it is more of a situation where I can't find the right artists to connect with My sound.

Might be all up to me.