Scratch Magazine

First of all, let me say that it is a damn shame that this magazine no longer exists. 

I was trying to make some room on my desk so I decided to cut up my Scratch and Remix magazines and take out all the important articles and put them in a sheet protectors in a binder. 

The cool thing about doing this was I found out there were a lot of producers out there that I liked and didn't really know how much I liked them. Two, there are a lot of producer out there that should be known. Three, there is a lot to learn about the various vets and new blood. From the kind of equipment they use to the creative process to the finalization and placements each producer has. 

One of the main things I liked about this magazine too was it gave some shine to the unknown cats. I really hoped to one day make it into their pages with some major placement but it looks like that can't happen now. What I want to eventually do is get to a point where I could have an on-line resource that kept track of all the producers and their track placement. maybe give them a place where all their work can be on display. 

There is no reason why there isn't a site that features all of the work from producer like Swizz Beatz, Primo to Pete Rock and Plow Tha Don with iTunes links so you can purchase more of their work. It doesn't seem that hard to make happen to me.....

I mean, I am a fan of The Runners and the Affiliates but I don't know everything they have done. It would be nice to have a place where you could go and hear ll their work and them have the option to buy those tracks right on the spot.