Ominous 075

No I.D. sponsored a beat flip at NoidvcTraxster.com. When I list my favorite producers, I name off 5 or 10 before No I.D.'s name pops up. Truth be told when I got my first job, I used to listen to two albums all the time. Pete Rock and CL Smooth's "Main Ingredient" and Common's "Resurrection". No I.D. produced most of Resurrection and I used to listen to that all the time when I worked as a cook at KFC. I had these stoner managers that listen to nothing but Butt-Rock and even they liked No I.D.

The influence he had over me was the understanding that art comes first. Before you can worry about the business side of this music thing, or the science of the sound behind it, you have to have some essence of art and meaning behind it. Technically you don't have to but in my opinion the music that stands the test of time is music that has some kind of meaning behind it. You can have songs like "Watermellon" on your album if that's what you are about.

This is what I came up with out of the sample material provided:

Ominous 075