Volume 03

::: Volume 3 :::

I played around a lot with a bunch of different breaks and chops. But I finished this project before I could get a better grasp if mixing and mastering. I didn't know about using stereo spreads and compression while I was making these remixes so they didn't sound as good as they should have. I was still struggling with getting around in Logic Pro. Anyways....

I can't say I am a Aesop Rock fan. I have several of his albums and I do listen to them quite a bit. But I reserve the title of fan for those who have seen him live. Those who knew who he was before the mainstream music listener learned of him. Those who have understood and memorized his lyrics. Those who know his real name and where he started. I am what you would call a highlighter. You know, the kind of person that doesn't pledge a loyalty to a team but watches sports for the highlights. That is how I approach Aesop and many other artists.

It's kind of hard because when you are spending your time trying to get better at playing basketball, you end up watching basketball games a little differently from the normal spectator. Instead of just enjoying the game I look for a bunch of other things going on. As I try to finish my own projects I turn to guys like Aesop not just because I am interested in what he is saying, but what is is about what he is saying that fans are reacting to. To see if I might have any of that in my work.

BAZOOKA ::: 031a
This was a fun remix. The tempo changes up in the middle of the song so I got to use the global tempo change feature in Logic. Something i would probably never use for myself. My favorite line in the song was at the end, "....you don't want me smiling at your cameras." There isn't a version B yet because I wanna finish all the remixes before I go back and do few more variations.

NY ELECTRIC ::: 032a
A Jimi flip. If I looked harder I probably cold have found a better Hendrix break but I just used what I had. NY Piss Hiss Bleed Dolby Homey. I am def going to go back over this one. I know I could have come a little harder than this. Not a lot of change ups and I didn't freak the chorus at all.

EASY ::: 033a ::: 033b
This my favorite song on Aesop's Bazooka album. I like the chorus. You learn more when your mouth peice retreats. I can grab these kind of lyrics but lines like, "Upside down, I pick wigs for beetles," totally lose me. If anyone out there is an Aesop expert... I would love to be enlightened. Since I liked this cut so much I remixed it twice. I think I liked Version B better. I think it was a better chop. My kicks could have been better.

"Eyes spiraling back when he hit the mat, woke, first words, Oh it's like that?" Someone please enlighten me. What am I missing here? Burn train buffers. They only came to buff the name stuck to the train and that is a textbook page up in flames for my seeds. Corporate suits are erasing the real hip hop? That's what I am getting. Stop erasing my graf. Let me know if I am way off.

LIMELIGHTERS ::: 035a ::: 035b
"Pain cave uno, smoking a broke blue note." See... I was lost right on the first line of the track. Version A was the original beat and Version B is the beat after I mapped it to the remix and added a few elements to the beat. You can hear it is slowed down and I added a snare that had more of a clap sound. I like Camp Lo. This as a good collab. Chiba's line at the end was my favorite line mostly because of his flow. Right after he says "design'em" he says Aesop. I must have heard that line about 30 times before I realized what he was saying. Slap that Orangatang....

SUPER FLUKE ::: 036a ::: 036b ::: 036c
Three versions. I like B the best out of the three. But I still think I need to go back and try to do a better remix. Version A was an older beat I had and I thought it would go with this accapella but it didn't. I think the sample in version B came from an Illmuzik flip week or a Hip Hop Production contest kit.

COOK ::: 037a ::: 037b
Lyrically this was my favorite track. I understood everything he was talking about. I don't know which version I liked better. I think the chops for both of them came out dope but B could have had some EQ and Dynamic work done. The kick and snare are weak as hell. But I got lost in the break and stopped paying attention to the quality of the audio. I think A had the better arrangement but I liked the bop in version B. And I think Aesop's flow went over B better because you could focus on what he was saying since the beat wasn't screaming.

FREEZE ::: 038a ::: 038b ::: 038c
You didn't have to be listening too hard to tell that the chop in version A came from the same break I used in Cook It Up. Guess I just really liked that sound set. Version B was a beat I made on an airplane. It was actually a faster pace than what you hear but had to be slowed down to match Aesop's flow. And you didn't have to be listening too hard to tell version C was using the same sound set of version B. I think I ended up liking version C but it needs some mastering and engineering.

FAMOUS ::: 039a ::: 039b
I remixed this like 6 different ways. But I have only bounced two versions down. They sound similar but as soon as I get done arranging the other versions I will post them. I liked the message in this cong so I just kept trying to find the right beat but after auditioning like 5 different beats I couldn't get the sound I wanted. Maybe the others will sound a little better than these.

BABIES ::: 040a ::: 040b
I most def need to go back and redo these two beats. UGHH dot com had a big Shug Street Champ contest and I was gonna enter but to get an edge on the comp I wanted to chop Primo's original version and come up with a slightly different break. But... brag-rap is not my favorite kind of stuff to rap so I had a hard time writing a song about being the next Street Champ. I ended up missing the deadline. A cat named Breed Winna won the comp. I will try to come with an original chop instead of using my Primo contest chops. Stay tuned.

PACMAN ::: 041a
I got three different versions of this track but I really need to polish them up before I post them. Subscribe to my myspace page or my blog and and you will get a notice as to when I finish these.

11-35 ::: 042a ::: 042b
This was some dope back and forth. Version B was way better than A. Synths from scratch instead of some poorly selected and chopped breaks. But I got my MPC 2500 the other day so I think I can come with some better chops for these Aesop remixes.

MESSENGER ::: 043a
Still in progress... I got 2 versions but I might scrap them both and start over.

MARS ::: 044a
I think I do a better job with synths when I take my time but chopping soul samples is fun as hell. This arrangement was pretty simple but I think it came out pretty good. I ended up leaving the ending orginal because I could not get the tempo down.

KING MEZ SHIT ::: 045a ::: 045b
To round out this volume to end it on an even 45, this is my boy King Mez ripping one of my older beats. Smooth flow. Nice vocal layering. I can't take no credit for that. That was all him and his camp. I just volunteered the beat. Visit his myspace page to hear more of his work. version B is the instrumental after I ran some plug'ins over it to pump the kick and snare a little.

Aesop announced in his blog that Def Jux is releasing more accapellas so as soon as those drop I'll be all over those too. I had to stop to try and meet some deadlines for my other projects so as soon as I get some time, I'll get back at this.