Mac Modding

I had a couple of old MacBook Pros laying around. I was going to try and fix them so I could have some more DAW's to have laying around. Logic Pro has this feature where you could harness the processing power from other Macs.

One of them booted up and the other one did not. The screen was really dim on the one that actually booted up so I decided to play Mr. Computer Frankentech and see if I could get one good computer out of two units. I swapped out the screens and had the same result. The screen was still very dim when it booted up. So I parted out the laptops and sold the various pieces on eBay. Then my good buddy Yellow #5 told me that the computer screen dim issue had a common fix but I had already sold the parts. Whoops. I still have the cases btu I sold the batteries and the airport cards so.... those things might be dead.

I would like to one day get good enough to start building custom PC rigs and MOD the cases and all the stuff but I fear I am not detailed and patient enough to do it. Maybe one day take apart my MPC and MOD the case on that.