PSP Beat 01

I am probably going to sell my PSP when my MPC 2500 shows up. But I ain't sure. What I was going to do was bang out 20 more beats with this thing and then sell it. But now that I have been messing with it a little more, I am starting to get back into playing with it. All the beats I did before were with the stock sounds that come with the program. But this beat was the first one I did using samples I recorded into the PSP.

The problem with it is the overall sound quality. If it was 44Khz I'd be cool with it. But since it is only 22Khz, it is almost a waste of time. I can bounce the tracks down as MP3's or better yet, just record it straight into my MacBook and adjust the gain on the input. And then run compression and EQ to clean it up a little. But honestly, this thing ain't doing nothing I can't do in Reason. The best part is I can carry it with me and make beats where ever without drawing too much attention or worry. it has proved to be most handy. My wife is a super shopper. So when we hit the mall, I just sit down and mess with the PSP while she buys shoes. Whole hours will go by and I won't even notice. So I really like the portability of this thing.

But one of my main issues is that it does not recognize the wav format. It uses it's own format. So you have to record each individual sound you want into the PSP instead of just being to copy it to you PSP from your computer which is light years faster. But once you get used to recording your own samples, you can get faster.

And I did find a better way to save the custom sounds and sound banks. So by the time I make about twenty or thirty beats, I'll have enough sounds in it to just keep it. Or if I sell it, the next guy in line will have an awesome library to begin with.

Here is the video of the PSP Beat 001: