About Ominous Red

2.16GHz Dual Core MacBook
Logic Pro 7
Reason 3.5
MPC 2500

I produce Hip Hop Music and I am also a lyricist. Mostly out of necessity. I would love to just hand the music over to someone and let them work the rhymes so I can just focus on making beats but I am not finding a great demand for my style of production in the industry or the underground. Plus I hate the mess of business. So I just flesh it all out myself. Seems easier that way.

One Man Band Style.

I am a huge fan of Primo but lately I think I am churning out a more Dilla type vibe. I chop anything. Vinyl. Synths I bang out of Logic or Reason. If I can't find an accapella to put the beat to, then I just lay something down on it myself.