Reason 6: 105 Audio

Holy Time Stretch Batman!

So here is the background on what was happening here. I have had Record 1.5 and Reason 6.5 for a long time now. But because I was in the middle of moving to Houston from Phoenix as well as dissolving a 16 year long relationship, I haven't had time to make a beat in literally over a year. According to my website I haven't made a beat since August 2010! So that's actually over 2 years!

So when I finally got going in these programs again, I was wondering why Record wasn't seeing Reason so I could pull Reason instruments into it.

I was trying to launch Reason 6.5 and since I didn't have valid license codes it wouldn't run. And then the website downloads needed me to insert valid Reason 5 discs to launch, which I left in Phoenix in storage. I guess Record only sees Reason 5. So when I tried to reinstall it I totally failed. LOL.

So for Black Friday, Propellerheads had a 50 percent off sale.

I come to Starbucks to get their wifi and logic to drop massive amounts of money on software and all of a sudden, the site realizes I have valid Reason 6.5 codes and I download and install it and I can start making beats again.

Then here was the break through…

I guess Reason 6.5 handles recorded Audio so well that you don't even need Record which is probably why Record doesn't see anything newer than Reason 5.

Sorry I am a little late on this.

My point is, I cannot wait to get loose with time stretching son! What I wonder is, when I make a premade beat and then pull it into logic to test it against my existing acappelas, I wonder what the tracks will stretch into a sound like. I might not even need to use logic depending on how this Reason decides to act once I get up and running at full speed on it.

Very dope.

Reason 6: 104 - Instruments

Now this got deep.

Whoa bro. There are a lot of new instruments in Reason. And they took a lot of the existing instruments and beefed them the hell up. Again, I really liked the visual treatment of the synths. They really help you understand synths and how they work.

I always kinda laugh to myself when I think about how people talk about how certain apps have different sounds and why that makes certain apps better than others. If you understand the fundamentals, you can make all apps and software do what you want. It's just about how proficient you are in those apps.

I would go into detail about all the instruments one at a time but I'll just say this… Thor is a beast. Kong is insanely powerful regarding processing and individual drum sound editing. And the overall customizing of the rack and its instruments as far as layout and organizing go is dope. You can now create instruments and lay them out horizontally. So you can have all your samplers in one column, synths in another and effects in another.

Gonna be very fun creating songs in this version of Reason.

Reason 6: 103 - Midi

Not a lot of notes on this section. It's Midi. LOL.

Easy to edit. Easy to share. Easy to randomize and manipulate.

Reason 6: 102 - Fundamentals

I tried using the Regroove but did not notice any real difference in the swing of the drums I tested it on. But I am sure I will experiment with it more since it seems like an easy way to cheat and get variations in your arrangements of everything. Not just your drums. 

I was excited to learn about LANES. That seems like it is going to be extremely useful. 

Assigning names and colors is going to be a blast as well. One of my favorite things about Reason is it's visual treatment. I like the way it looks. 

Arranging songs using Blocks seems really cool too. 

Reason 6: 101 - Quickstart

This was almost a waste of time. 

I knew virtually all of this. And it had no depth. But it would be good for someone who has never scene Reason before. It definitely touched everything in Reason but it was a very light touch. A great place to start though.

Tutorials: Music Theory 101

Music Theory 101

Bummed out that I would not be seeing my family this 2012 Thanksgiving, I decided to make good use of my 4 days off while I am only working one job. I am supposed to be working two jobs starting this November 30th but that is not official yet.

I thought I'd be cheap by coming to Starbux to steal their wifi but based on the amount of money I am spending on Caramel Fraps, I am starting to consider just paying for my own internet at the house.

I started here before I dove back into relearning Reason.

Besides the obvious mental overload, this was an awesome tutorial for me. I will probably spend the rest of the week practicing the melodies and trying to memories the different scales and modes. Turns out music is very mathematical and there are a lot of formulas used by different sales of music from POP to Blues and Jazz. You could hear the clear difference adding or subtraction one note in the formula made in the style of music heard. There are a lot more sections I will have to revisit but right now Melody was more than enough. You can spend a year studying that ALONE.


This was a pleasant surprise...


120801 - Documenting for Efficiency

The left side is the audio and visual files... The right side are the volumes.

I have my hands in a million things. As my hard drive copies over gigs of video data I have been recording over the last few years, it looks like the engine is starting to really rev up. Because I am running out of space on my hard drive, I have had to address files I had on my 2TB external back ups. I had DVD builds I no longer needed regarding older projects I was editing using Adobe Premiere. But now I have Final Cut Pro, Motion, iDVD and iMovie. So I am converting all my projects over to be able to use that software. That allows me to free up a lot of space.

 It's a strange stage because I am getting ready to GET READY. Lining up things so when it gets real it's really real. My old computer cannot process the media I am messing with. But I am still learning the software and gathering the assets so when I do pull the trigger on that new Macbook Pro and a new Windows 7 Work Station, I can just start sprinting through work. I have enough raw material to process 2 more volumes of beats with videos. I just need to edit it and bounce it all out.

 But not only is my magazine full, I am still stock piling massive amounts of art ammo. I am trying to learn all kinds of new software, build the bike, build the 3000GT and finish a bunch of art for an upcoming art show. I just hope God keeps me around long enough to push it all out.


Reyneau's iPhone Case

If I can afford it I will get it...

The 124th Project

Think of it like audio cardio. He's trying to get better everyday. Audio conditioning if you will...



People think I am joking when I say I am going to be a boxer by the end of this year. There is a reason I have dropped from 230 pounds to 180. It's not vanity. I plan on going until I hit around 140. The way I am going to get down to 140 is running, sit ups and pushups and curls. My plan is to fight my first fight this October. And then I want to try and blaze through every opponent I come across.

We'll see...


Hip Hop at Home

Tucson Hip Hop. Pretty cool video. Worth spending 6 minutes worth watching.


Blockhead and Aesop on Basketball

Pretty funny. I wish it had some Tim and Eric style editing though. Nne time, I was in Vegas at the Spearmint Rhino and this huge ass brotha walked passed me. It was Shawn Kemp. And he got fat as hell.


Chaka Demis & Pliers: Murder She Wrote

I have a theory that when you are young, and you discover what girls are and what they mean to you, you start chasing versions of that female that helped define that for you. For me, the first Dance Hall Queen was one of the individuals that steered me towards huge light skinned pretty ladies.


Willing to Fail is a path to Success

Another worth watch.

Sean Price - Passion of Price

I think his is a must watch for all Hip Hop Fans.

Feist: Let It Die

This dope ass girl put me on to this track. Sad is an understatement. Brutal sorrow is what that was. I just don't understand how people go so far without knowing what love is. In other words, I know people change. But love doesn't change for me. Its the only constant in my life.

What really makes this song sad is that the audio matches the message. The horns and that bell rhodes synth along with the low church organ. It's almost like church music. And the melody goes with the feelings conveyed.

My favorite line:
"The saddest part of a broken heart, isn't the ending so much as the start."

Whenever I think about splitting with a girl, I always think about the first moment I looked in her eyes and saw myself in her future.

My second favorite line:
"It won't take long to fall in love now I know what I don't want."

Sean Price

This is a cat I would love to produce for.


Ruste Juxx "Hardest From the Underground"

Come on son.... I can listen to this ALL DAY.


Rapper Big Pooh - Are you ready

WOW. Sick flip.


M-Phazes - Underground Railroad

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This beat is insane. And Chubb Rock in on here. As well as Termanology. So I shouldn't have to tell you how dope this is. This track makes me wanna roundhouse birds out of the air.


Michael Jackson - Rock With You (James Reeno 12'' Mix)

Daaaaaaaaaaamn! The funk on this track is insane. I wouldn't dare say it is better. But I do like this variation of this song. AWESOME.

CG Felker Strikes Again


Lazurus - So To Myself I Say

"I think about reactions like, how would the solution respond to my subtraction. I know the powers I possess, but I'm scared of them. The Lord taught me how to walk, but I ran from him. Cuz what you made for ain't always what you pray for."

DJ Jay Zotos


L.G. "Untitled" Music VIdeo

Doooooooooooooooooooooooooope... I tried to jack this off of youtube but youtube is playing games. The visuals were on point.


Jessica Kaya - Alone

Reminds me of Groove Theory. Very cool voice. I downloaded the album. Let's see if any of this ends up in the ultra Road Trip Playlist I am cooking up for when I drive to TN to get the rest of my studio equipment.


::: Chang :::

This is in New Orleans somewhere. I think this is dope. I never wanna die son. I hope there is a breakthrough within the next 10 years that allows me to get my Robocop cyborg body on yo.

The Black Mamba

Star Wars Eye Check up

For all my Star Wars Nerds...